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The hard work of the original members and all other past and present members results in what Dos Pinos is today, arguably the longest operating, most successful limited equity housing cooperative without government subsidy in California.

Please read the information below, but also feel free to peruse the Members’ Pages for additional information about life at Dos Pinos.

Application Process
Important Note: Due to long waiting lists, there is an indefinite moratorium on accepting new applications for membership in the Dos Pinos Housing Cooperative. The Dos Pinos Board of Directors will reassess waiting lists periodically and post any updates on this website. For informational purposes the application process is described below.

Membership Application

To start the application process, you must complete a membership application and submit the required documentation and an application fee ($50 for one shareholder, or $80 for two). When the administrative staff determines that your application is complete, you will be given a packet of basic information about Dos Pinos.


After your application is received, a current member will contact you to schedule an interview with three current members, including a board member. All of those household members who will reside in the unit should attend. You may have questions for us regarding your understanding and expectations about living in a cooperative environment. Bring your questions to the interview.

Decision on Your Application

After the interview and a credit check, your application will go to the 7-member Board for confidential review and a decision. You will be notified in writing of the decision.

Waiting List

If accepted, your name will be put on the waiting list based on the date at which your application was submitted to the office manager. The amount of time that an accepted applicant spends on the waiting list before a unit is available varies depending on a variety of factors.

Purchasing a Share

When your name rises to the top of the waiting list and a unit becomes available, a seller will contact you. You will see the unit and decide if you would like to submit a “Proposal of Share Transfer” with a $500 deposit to secure your right to buy a share. That share will entitle you to residence in the seller’s unit. This is your official request to buy the share and become a Dos Pinos member. If a year or more has passed since you applied, your financial situation will be reviewed again through updated documentation and another credit check. Your request will again go to the Board for a decision as to purchase of the share and membership.

Membership and Occupancy Agreements

After you have purchased the share and before you take occupancy, you will be asked to read and sign a variety of documents and to pay the balance of your membership fee (the share). Samples of the Membership Agreement and Occupancy Agreement are included here and are also contained in the Members’ Handbook. You will receive a binder for your unit that contains a hard copy of the Members’ Handbook and other materials.

New Member Orientation

After you move in, a current member will contact you to welcome you to Dos Pinos, answer any further questions you may have and help you determine how you would like to contribute to your new community.

Additional Documents

Proposal for Transfer of a Share
Notification of Availability of a Share at DPHC

More Information Can Be Found on the Members’ Pages

For more information about living at Dos Pinos, please check the “Current Members” menu and feel free to browse the pages detailing the organizational structure, required member contributions, and the most recent  member’s handbook.

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