Dos Pinos

A limited equity nonprofit housing cooperative. Dedicated to creating a secure, trusting, respectful, extended family environment.

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Outdoor garden
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A Limited Equity Nonprofit Housing Cooperative

Dos Pinos residents range in age from small children to retired persons, and come from many different walks of life. All ages and walks of life are represented–singles, single parents, couples, and families with children. We are all interested in keeping our community a pleasant and mutually supportive place to live.

Pine tree illustration

Available Unit Types

Dos Pinos has one-, two-, and three-bedroom units with private individual courtyards and washer/dryer hookups. Check out all the available plans. Members have access to the pool, spa, community room and a communal laundry room. Pets are allowed at Dos Pinos within policy guidelines.

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Bikes parked outside of unit
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Pine tree illustration

Interest In Dos Pinos

We understand that you’re interested in learning more about the Dos Pinos Housing Cooperative located at 2550 Sycamore Lane, Davis, CA 95616. This website will tell you about living in a cooperative, describe special features of Dos Pinos, provide answers to frequently asked questions, and explain the membership application process. 

Due to long waiting lists, there is an indefinite moratorium on accepting new applications for membership in the Dos Pinos Housing Cooperative. The Dos Pinos Board of Directors will reassess waiting lists periodically and post any updates on this website.

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